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Texas World Speedway gets a temporary reprieve

Texas World Speedway aerial view
 Neil Tipton
 Friday, May 22, 2015

Club racers will continue to be able to use Texas World Speedway until December, its owner announced today. The road course and high-banked oval superspeedway was set to close forever in June, to make way for a planned community.

However, delays in beginning the process of turning the 600-acre facility at College Station into housing has led owner Bill Mather to extend the racing schedule for six months.

The announcement will no doubt come as good news to Texas club racing and track day fans, with whom the Speedway road course has become a popular venue. Despite the reprieve, Mather – also the developer of the housing project – says the track will still close for demolition at year's end.

In a statement released this morning, Texas World Speedway confirmed rumours that the circuit was to continue on beyond June.

The statement said:

"To all of those who love Texas World Speedway—it is true that the track will continue to operate through the end of the year. What many of you have seen and read in the news is factual. There are no underlying secret reasons. There was no super-secret double probation reverse psychology marketing plan. The track is not built on a landfill, or Indian Burial Ground. There is no endangered species holding up the project. There are no remediation issues.

"Please help us stop all the silly rumours. The fact is that the redevelopment of 500 rural acres is a huge undertaking with a lot of moving parts. The development ran into some delays—which are always expected—but they are significant enough to push operations out another six months.

"Enjoy another event or two on everyone's favourite track."

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