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Mount Panorama Gets A New Dual Name

A Bentley GT3 on Conrod Straight during the 2015 Bathurst 12 Hours Bathurst's famous mountain is now also known at Wahluu, though it will forever be 'Mount Panorama' for racing fans.Picture: Bentley Motors
 Neil Tipton
 Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The iconic Mount Panorama in New South Wales, Australia, has now officially been given a second name - Wahluu. 

The area's traditional Aboriginal name, Wahluu will from now on be shared with the European name, similar to the way that Ayers Rock is also known as Uluru. In its original spelling of Waluu, the name means ‘to watch over’.

The move follows a decades-long campaign by the Aboriginal Land Council who have argued for recognition of the extended history of the site.  News of the official backing from the New South Wales Government comes as the city of Bathurst celebrates its bicentennial year.

The legendary track which runs across the top of the landmark remains unaffected and will continue to be known as the Mount Panorama Circuit.

"Mount Panorama means many different things to many different people," said Bathurst mayor Gary Rush.

"Co-naming the area is not about making one element of that history more significant than any other but merely recognising that the history of this very special mountain goes back much further than the last century.

"The co-naming is an opportunity for us to expand on all the stories that we know, its journey from tourist drive to motor racing circuit or the local competition to name the track as well as to explore a part of its history that has not received as much attention.

"It is an opportunity to recognise the special significance of Mount Panorama/Wahluu to the original inhabitants of this land, the Wiradyuri people.

"This ensures that Aboriginal place names are recognised as part of our heritage and it helps facilitate the preservation of that heritage," he added.

The co-naming has the support of V8 Supercars and Bathurst 12 Hour organiser Yeehah Events.

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