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New Asphalt and Short Courses for Misano

Resurfacing under way at Misano World Circuit, Italy
 Neil Tipton
 Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Misano World Circuit in Italy is receiving a completely new surface as part of works to introduce two new circuit variations. Work to resurface all 4,226 metres of the International Course began on Monday (March 2) and is expected to be completed by next week.

Two new link sections – the Brutapela and Acquedotto turns – are being created, enabling the circuit to be divided into two new 3.2 km and 1 km courses. The Brutapela name is not, however, new to Misano, as the final corner of the original 1972 track bore the same name until it was removed during the 2007 reconfigurations.

The new sections of track have been designed by Jarno Zaffelli, whose Dromo Circuit Design company has also overseen the resurfacing using its DTS digital survey technology. The revolutionary scanning system allows for a smoother finished surface by accurately laser-scanning the area to allow for pin-point re profiling of bumps and other problem areas. The system was tested and proven at Misano during its 2009 redevelopment and has since been utilised at Mugello and Imola with great success.

"All of the resurfacing operations will be done in about 14 days, with 80 operators, 50 vehicles and 3D positioning systems using the findings of the DTS laser survey to lay more than 5,000 tons of special asphalt," explained Zaffelli. "The most important operation will be to balance all of the escape routes for the needs of cars and motorcycles; the formulation of a specific asphalt to counterfight the effects of salt and moisture; the reprofiling of curves and curbs and also the construction of two new connections, the Brutapela and Acquedotto turns."

The circuit is hoping the new connecting roads will allow for a greater number of commercial opportunities, particularly as the 3.2 km and 1 km courses can operate simultaneously.

"Technology, sustainability and safety are fundamental points of our research and innovation activity," says Luca Colaiacovo, president of the circuit holding company Santa Monica S.p.a. "Each year we invest considerable resources in this direction, which ensures the circuit remains fully competitive to accommodate both large sporting events and commercial activities. We believe that the new asphalt will be fully appreciated by many fans of motorsport who will find in Misano the ideal conditions to live the thrill of running on the track in complete safety."

The resurfacing works are being carried out by the local Rimini-based Pesaresi S.p.a. Company, which is a leader in the field of road construction.

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