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Jerez | Pro

Flag of circuit's country
  • Timeline
  • 2004 to date
  • 1994-2003
  • 1992-93
  • 1985-91

2004 to date

  • Grand Prix Circuit

    2.752 miles / 4.429 km

  • Motorcycle Grand Prix Circuit

    2.749 miles / 4.424 km

Racer's Overview

Teams like testing at Jerez due to the stable (and warm) weather in the European winter as well as the track layout which contains some slow corners as well as medium to fast bends and puts particular emphasis on the rear tyres, which have to work hard to provide traction over a wide range of speeds. Though Jerez does not result in especially high top speeds, every aspect of car's performance is comprehensively tested there.

In 2002, the pit and paddock facilities underwent substantial changes. New pit garages, medical and media facilities were complimented by a new VIP viewing area which extended out across the circuit in a design which can only really be described as UFO-like... Small changes have continued year-on-year to run off areas, while a new pit lane exit was installed in 2004. There have been a number of resurfacing attempts over the years with the full circuit covered in 2005, and adjustments made again in 2007/2008. However in 2013 & 2014 F1 teams found the surface to be highly abrasive and not all that smooth.

Overall the circuit has seen much better days, but despite this it is still a regular location for testing.

Data Trace

Image of data trace for Jerez

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We've teamed with Chassis Sim to provide a reference trace file for Jerez, using F3-type data (or the closest representative car type).

A data outing is available to download for each of the major circuit variations. Fine tune your own setup before you even set off for the circuit!

You'll need Chassis Sim's programme or similar data analysis software to open these files.

More information and terms of use for these files >

Essential Info

Address: Circuito de Jerez, Carretera de Arcos, km 10 Apartado de Correos, 1709 Jerez, Spain

PH: +34 956 151100

Circuit type: Permanent road course


Jerez circuit is a little run down but still more than fit for purpose. Its location is very close to a international standard airport which has lots of excess capacity so can easily be used to fly in parts or even whole cars. British Airways uses the airport for pilot training.

The power supply at the track is not always reliable and total power cuts are not unknown.

The internet connection at the track is also not always reliable.

Paddock parking is extremely convienient, only seperated from the working paddock proper by some temporary barriers. 

The paddock itself narrows progressively towards and there is not space for trucks and motorhomes all the way along it. It can also be difficult to park or remove trucks at the far end of the paddock when it is full. 

The nearest train station to the circuit is at the airport but it is cheaper to travel via taxi from the city centre, it does not take much longer at all, there are also more trains. 

Many people fly into Gibraltar for to go to Jerez, if you take this option be aware of the broder tensions between Britain and Spain which at times can create long delays. 

Malaga Airport is also popular, though the choice of rental cars is limited there. 

Food and drink in Jerez is cheap and plentiful but generally not of a very high standard, with some notable exceptions including the outstanding 'Albores' in the city centre. 

The underground car park at Plaza Arenal, has a fairly confusing pricing structure but press the correct combination of buttons and you will get a discount. We do not know why.

English is not all that widely spoken in Jerez.


The most convienient hotel for the circuit is the Montecastillo resort, which is walking distance from the main gate of the circuit. While more expensive it is still very affordable most of the year round (sometimes even during F1 testing)

Jerez city centre is packed with excellent hotels, but many have very limited parking which can present issues. 


Getting There

The Circuito de Jerez is located close to the city of Jerez de la Frontera in the province of Cádiz, Spain.  The nearest international airport is Jerez Airport, offering some international flights and domestic connections to Madrid, Barcelona or Palma de Mallorca.
The airport is a short 15 minute drive from the circuit.

Arriving by car is straightforward, with the circuit located alongside the A-382 Jerez-Arcos motorway.  Take Exit 3 and follow signs to the circuit.  Parking is free and available on a first-come, first-served basis at most races. 

Public transport options are also good; the train station at Jerez has daily connections with the rest of Andalusia, Madrid and a large number of Spanish cities.  From the station. the circuit is a six mile taxi ride away.

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